Frequently Asked Questions


How do I upload books?
If you want to upload up to 50 books, use our standard web uploader. For bulk upload you should request FTP access on the same page.


I can’t find a specific book in Marine Bookstore. Can I ask you to add such a specific book?
Yes, you can request a specific book using the Book Request option. Book request doesn’t guarantee that the book will be added, but it helps our community members add the most requested books sooner. 


I found a mistake in the book description. Can I correct the wrong information about the book?
You can suggest a correction (the option is located on the book page and available to registered users) and the book information will change after moderation.


My antivirus detected a virus in a file I downloaded!
This may be a false positive. We recommend checking the file again with the online service Virus Total, which will scan the file in more than 20 antivirus platforms.


I’m having a problem downloading books, and my problem is not described above.
Don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] with any issues you have. Please attach a screenshot and provide detailed information about an issue, hence this will help us to resolve your problem quicker.